Interview of Iraklis kougemitros - @iraklisk_htakat

Since when are you doing photography , and how did you come to use this medium ?

In photography I am autodidactic and started taking pictures in the summer of 2009 it was probably a continuation of a route that had started long before, at that time I was looking for new ways of expression things that I had deep rooted inside of me and were ready to go out, so I chose the photography to visualize all and see what was going on.

Where do you find your inspiration ? Are there any artists who have influenced you ?

When I started used arts to express my self I was attracted and inspire by Bauhaus and Cubist this helped me a lot to understand what elements needed to make my thoughts be acting, after that period more trying to trust my self and my criterion, believe a lot in the knowledge we have inside us, I would say that I avoid being influenced as much as possible not because I do not consider it important but mainly I experiment with how much things and thinks a source can produce and what it can create , mainly I try to change things that no like and not stay to the things that I like ,this period can be long in me but after I returning into the surround place connect myself with the other and the others and collect again new information for my continuing.

In what circumstances did you come to shoot this kind of Street Photography ?

Always experiment with a lot of things I trying to painting, sometimes playing music and most of all philosophy this that we call life but photography give me the opportunity to mix all theses and at that shoots I see more clearly all these different perspectives and expressions from one source it is look like a "distillation".

What do you think about the photo contest Paris Street Photography Awards ? Was it a good experience for you ? How did it help you to progress in your artistic work ?

It was important moment for me, it was a moment that i realized that someone like and understand my work, it was a support all this for my continuing also this festival was a great experience because I met important artists and people and of course the price that I taken from this contest helped me to take new tools (lens) for my work !

PISPA 2022
1500$ in cash prizes