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Thank you to all participants.
We will announce the result at the end of December.


PISPA is a photo competition dedicated to street photography.

This year we will celebrate our 6th edition which will be a special edition full of good surprises for photographers.

Since the first edition we have distributed more than $20K of Cash Prize to the winning photographers. In addition, we ensure that the work of photographers can circulate and have visibility.

To do this, we have gradually established key partnerships with influential actors in the world of photography. As such, the 2023 edition promises to be exceptional to the extent that we become a partner of Xposure, the largest festival dedicated to photography in the world which takes place every year at Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

This festival will do us the honor of physically exhibiting the work of not only the two grand prize winners of our contest but also the special mentions (6 in number) and the finalists (10 in number).

We are also pleased to announce that we have also entered into an exclusive partnership with Snap Collective, a publishing house that grows from year to year, and which this year will give our winners, special mentions and finalists the chance to publish their first photo monograph. Being able to edit a photo book is a dream and a challenge that all photographers want to accomplish at some point in their career.

In addition to these unique and unparalleled partnerships, our winning photographers in our competition will be invited to participate in a major festival with their work which will either be exhibited or screened with accommodation costs covered by our platform. Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert is one of the largest photo festivals in France which will celebrate this year its 13th edition.

We cannot fail to also point out that the work of the winners will also be published in two magazines prestigious dedicated to photography.

Our jury, as every year, evolves by including new names and actors from the world of photography while maintaining a certain balance within its members between photographers, publishers, gallery owners...

This is to say that over the years our competition has acquired a real relay platform made by and for photographers so that they can benefit from opportunities which can be a real springboard for their career. Many of our photographers have acquired international notoriety by benefiting from the aura of our competition and its sounding board which are social networks and strong lobbying and networking with key contacts in the photography world.

We really want you to be motivated by unleashing your talent, improving your skills, by connecting with our large community of beginner, expert and renowned PISPA street photographers.

Don't keep your photos just for you thinking that your work is still not mature or not ready enough to be shown in public! Having such a kind of mindset can be damaging to your photographic self-esteem for the middle, long term.

Our years of experience doing photo contests has teaches us that almost all photographers in some moment experience that paralyzing feeling of never being ready.

Those who succeed are those who are going one steep further believing that a street photo journey is a learning process like in any other fields.

The reason why at a given moment they stop being shy by taking the effective action of submitting their work to be seen by other photographers and evaluated by jury experts.

We believe that the confrontation of ideas and the comparison of talents is an effective way and a short path to success. Is it probably the best way that exists, to progress and increase your skills as quickly as possible.

For this, what could be better than participating in one of the best competitions in the world dedicated to street photography.

PISPA 2023
2500$ Cash Prize
Whatever the country you live in, submit us without delay your street photography projects. Take part in our contest and give your project a chance to face the critical eye of a professional and influential jury.

Our annual competition is open to all photographers, regardless of their country of origin. The laureates will see their work put forward by our various partners.
All entries submitted for the contest will be judged by a panel of internationally accomplished members. The selection will be individual and a final ranking will group the notes of each judge to designate the winner.


The Street Photographer Of The Year

- 1000 dollars of Cash Prize (delivered by Paypal transfer) or an Iphone 15 256Go

- Exposure in the festival « XPOSURE 2023 »

- Exposure or projection in the festival « Nuits Photographique de Pierrevert »

- The contest will supports accommodation fees costs of the winners

- Publication of an exceptional photo book with our partner « Snap Collective »

- Portfolio publication in OPENEYE Magazine

- Media coverage in social networks and in websites dedicated to photography

The best Street Photo Project

- 1000 dollars of Cash Prize (delivered by Paypal transfer)

- Exposure in the festival « XPOSURE 2023 »

- Exposure or projection in the festival « Nuits Photographique de Pierrevert » - (1)

- The contest will supports accommodation fees costs of the winners

- Publication of an exceptional photo book with our partner « Snap Collective »

- Portfolio publication in OPENEYE Magazine

- Media coverage in social networks and in websites dedicated to photography

The Street Photo of the Year

- 500 dollars of Cash Prize (delivered by Paypal transfer)

- Exposure in the festival « XPOSURE 2023 »

Special Mentions and Finalists

- Exposure in the festival « XPOSURE 2023 »

- A publication on the competition website and in social networks

- A publication of their photograph in the catalog listing the best laureates - (1)

Certificate of Excellence

- All contest winners (including special mentions, finalists and category winners) will receive a certificate attesting of their competition result to download in their private space

(1) This catalog will not be published until we reach the 5th edition of the contest

The opinion of OPENEYE, our partner on PISPA

If we think about it, street photography is the essence of real photography. This is the photo in its purest state, without any artifice. It is the instantaneous taking of images in the urban setting, streets, railway stations, squares... everywhere men find themselves in the cities. It is the instant image of life, without filter and without embellishment. These are images that also show the great feelings: joy, love, pain, fear, hatred, death...



Your work submited to the « Paris International Street Photo Awards » 2023 photo contest will be reviewed by international panel of experts.

Creative photographer with eclectic production and artistic director living most of the time in Paris, whose work has already been exhibited in several countries, at the initiative of the MPA and PISPA photo competitions. Souhayl A has been working as an author for years with a very unique photographic writing. He is also the co-founder of the Selma Photo Nights.


Exhibition curator, his curatorial approach is strongly inspired by contemporary science fiction works and techniques (Photo, video, web, media art) - Marie is a member of the artistic direction of Festival Photo Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert


Pierre Bessard is the founder of Éditions Bessard, created in February 2010, a publishing house of photography-oriented art books which has published more than fifty books and Zine Collection. Pierre is also a black and white specialist photographer.


Anna is a photographer working in Fine Art and Fashion. Her projects are focused on finding new innovative style for both shooting and post processing. Her work has been rewarded and she has won in a number of famous photo contests. She is the Creator of photo magazine FotoSlovo, which promotes every year new emerging talents from Russia & CIS countries.


Editor-in-chief of OPENEYE, a magazine about which everyone is speaking at the moment and which is dedicated to contemporary photography. In his youth, Philippe attended the classes of Allan Porter - Editor-in-Chief of the legendary magazine Camera - at the University of Basel. He was then Editor-in-chief of many photo magazines and specializes more today in the « Street Photography »


Pictor Editor and head editor of Snap Collective new emerging publishing house who already published emerging artists.


Founder of Galerie « Bene Taschen » who is committed to promoting its roster of international artists with regular participation in prominent art fairs such as « Paris Photo », « Photo London » or « Art Cologne ». Among the photographers represented by the gallery figure some famous street photographers as Miron Zownir, Jamel Shabazz or Arlene Gottfried.


Independent curator and doctoral researcher specializing in contemporary photography. Holder of an MBA in art market management, she works for Parisian contemporary art galleries. Currently, she advises galleries and collaborates with museums as a curator and expert in photography.


Official photographer of the Cannes Film Festival since 1987. Founder of the International Photographic Festivals « Les nuits photographiques de Pierrevert » et « Les nuits photo d'Essaouira ».
Although he lived between Paris and New-York, S. Kossmann is very devoted for several years to build bridges, with photography, between occident and orient.


Nicolas-Xavier Ferrand is a historian of contemporary art. He teaches at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture of Marne-la-Vallée. He is also an art critic and curator. His research focuses on the construction of reality through images.


Interview of Argus Paul Estabrook, the "Street Photographer of the Year" 2022

Hello Argus, you are the "Street Photographer of the Year" 2022. For this, you won €1000 and a screening of your work at NPDP photo festival. What do you think about being selected as a winner among hundreds of other photographers ?

The recognition for one's work is always nice. As everyone knows, there's no real money or fame in art for most of us. I tend to think most street photographers are doing it because other photographic opportunities are closed elsewhere and we simply shoot for the love of it. So I'm proud to be part of a community that finds joy in authenticity. To have my work highlighted in our circle is a great honor.

Read the complete Interview


Street Portrait
Urban Culture
Street fashion
Road trip
Street Art
Black & White
Urbex & Minimalism
Mobile Phone
Street Night
Street & Childrens
Street & Architecture
Reflects (Water & Windows)
Contrasted (Deep dark shadows)
Public Transport
Street & Animals
Beach & Pool
Classic Street
Sport, Dance & Events
Rain & Snow
Urban Love (Kisses, hugs...)
Street poetry



Participation fee
Series of 7 photos - 35 €
Series of 15 photos - 42 €
Single Entry - 15 €

Additional Category Fee - 5 €


9TH September 2023

30TH September 2023

22TH November 2023 (exceptionally)

20TH December 2023

Be recognized and rewarded for your photographic accomplishments,
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