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Why Street Photography ?

If we think about it, street photography is the essence of real photography. This is the photo in its purest state, without any artifice. It is the instantaneous taking of images in the urban setting, streets, railway stations, squares ... everywhere men find themselves in the cities. It is the instant image of life, without filter and without embellishment. These are images that also show the great feelings: joy, love, pain, fear, hatred, death...

Long shunned after the disappearance of the big names of photography (Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis etc.) it comes back in force, first shyly in the early 2000s, then increasingly through social networks (Instagram, Facebook etc.).

While in the past it was conceived in Black and White, the Americans (William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz) and a few others, have been able to impose the color in the urban shots. The Belgian Harry Gruyaert has even become its absolute incarnation !

In short, today, street photography enters the exclusive galleries and museums because the educated public has understood the importance of these photos that will go down in history, like those of Walker Evans or, closer to us, of Robert Franck.

This year's SPA Contest is entirely dedicated to contemporary Street Photography. It allows you to take a ticket to one of the major disciplines of photography today. It may be you who will engrave one of the most glorious pages. Feel free to participate to show your commitment to photography in what is bigger!

Especially since the winner of this year will be published widely in the magazine OPENEYE.

What led to the creation of this free magazine, accessible to everyone, was the lack of images of young photographers today. It was impossible, with the reading of traditional magazines, to know what was being done in the world of the image outside of the big names.

This is why OPENEYE has decided to relay the work of recognized photographers and especially young emerging talents. Because next to the contemporary photography, called visual artist - and which constitutes a little avant-garde, cohabit several styles of relevant photos in fields as varied as the studio, the street photography, the landscape, the reportage etc.

That's why our readers have so much fun reading OPENEYE.
Philippe Litzler, Editor-in-Chief

PISPA 2024
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